For the research item of the same name, see Plasma Cannon (Research)

The plasma cannon is a powerful, but very heavy and expensive, cannon in Warzone 2100. It can be unlocked by researching Heavy Flamer - Inferno, Hyper Velocity Cannon, and Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3.

In-game description
New Weapon Turret Available
Plasma Cannon firing plasma
Best Targets: Vehicles
Body Points: Medium
Multiplayer Stats (as of v3.1 beta 7)

Internal Name:




Weight: 30000
HP: 50
Designable: Yes
Requires: Plasma Cannon

Base Damage:

Splash Damage: 500
Splash Radius: 2.5
ROF: 1 round every 15 seconds (4 shots-per-minute)
DPS: 33.333 (-.067 per armor point)
Splash DPS: 33.333 (-.067 per armor point)
Damage Type: All-Rounder
Damage Class: Thermal
Projectile Movement Type: Direct
Targets: Ground Only
Fires-on-move: No
Weapon Line: Cannons

Range (Long):


Accuracy (Long): 65%
Range (Short): 7.5
Accuracy (Short): 65%
Multiplayer Upgrades
Damage Upgrades
HEAT Cannon Shells +25% Damage
HEAT Cannon Shells Mk2 +50% Damage
HEAT Cannon Shells Mk3 +75% Damage
APFSDS Cannon Rounds +100% Damage
APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2 +125% Damage
APFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk3 +150% Damage
HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds +175% Damage
HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk2 +200% Damage
HVAPFSDS Cannon Rounds Mk3 +225% Damage
Rate-of-Fire Upgrades
Cannon Autoloader -10% Reload Time (+11% ROF)
Cannon Autoloader Mk2 -20% Reload Time (+25% ROF)
Cannon Autoloader Mk3 -30% Reload Time (+43% ROF)
Cannon Rapid Loader -40% Reload Time (+67% ROF)
Cannon Rapid Loader Mk2 -50% Reload Time (+100% ROF)
Cannon Rapid Loader Mk3 -60% Reload Time (+150% ROF)
Accuracy Upgrades
Cannon Laser Rangefinder +10% Accuracy
Cannon Laser Designator +20% Accuracy

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